Purple Yeet Juice Hard Lemonade

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Some things just can’t be described, ya know?

We spent hours after we made this tasty drop, sinking pints of it and throwing around names, yet nothing seemed to stick…

Yes it’s purple and lemony, but it’s more than lemons. And what does purple even taste like? This is 100% the real deal… literally… It’s full of fresh lemon juice and butterfly pea flowers (which for those playing at home are indeed, purple).

Yes it has butterflies in it*, and makes you want to fly, but butterfly juice just hit all the wrong buttons in all the focus groups we conducted. Of course it’s juicy, but everyone uses that word to no end on beer labels.

Kind of makes you just want to yeet it down, yeet the can, and then get on yeeting. Whatever that means. Yes, YEET will do nicely.

(*no actual butterflies were yeeted in the process, as far as we know)

Alc: 4.2%