Scary Spice Pumpkin Spice Ale

Whilst a particular green and white coffee chain had a short-lived run down under, we couldn’t help but fall for one of their most-loved concoctions. Call us basic, but come this time of year we get jack (o’lanterns) and just need our fix, alright? No sudden movements, we’ve got the withdrawals… So we’re giving thanks and getting our fix in the only way we know how – putting on some mashing pumpkins and brewing out our feelings.
This gourd-geous drop boasts subtle savoury pumpkin notes that are rounded out with a selection of spices and backed by some toffee, biscuit, and treacle malt flavours to create a smooth and well-rounded ale. Medium-bodied like a latte, but vegan-friendly, so it’s basically soup. Treat yo’self. Just don’t be a turkey and get too basted when you put this in your pie-hole.

Malts: Golden Promise, Munich, Biscuit Malt, Brown Malt, Toffee Malt, Shepherds Delight

Hops: Magnum

Yeast: Safale S-04

Alc: 6%