Rye of Newt Red Rye IPA

Hocus Pocus… and now focus, because we’re back on our mystical brewing game, so gather ‘round! What we’ve conjured up is a magical Red Rye IPA that is packed full of flavour and more hops than you could poke a staff at. The winning combination of Chinook, Ella, Topaz & Azacca hops adds a fruity complexity to the Rye-driven spicy malt backbone lurking underneath, balanced out with a clean bitter finish. No great potion is complete without a symbolic sacrifice to the dark arts, so we procured young Beetroots and added their flesh into this delicious ruby red elixir.


Malts: Pale, Shepherds Delight, Rye, Aurora, Red Back

Hops: Chinook, Ella, Topaz, Azacca

Yeast: Safale US-05

Ingredients: Beetroot

Alc: 6.4%