O Canada, By Cain Smoked Maple Brown Ale

O Canada, our home and native land, With smokey maple brown ale, we proudly stand. From east to west, our brewing craft does soar, With flavors rich and true, we do adore.

With every sip, we taste the maple’s kiss, A symphony of flavors, pure and bliss. Our brown ale, a masterpiece so fine, A tribute to the land that’s yours and mine.

Oh, smokey maple brown ale, we raise our glass, To honor Canada’s brewing class. With notes of smoke and sweetness intertwined, In every pint, a taste that’s so refined.

We celebrate this brew, with hearts ablaze, In every sip, we sing your maple praise. O Canada, our land of brewing dreams, With smokey maple brown ale, it seems,

That in this land of vast and boundless grace, A brew so unique, takes center stage. So let us raise our glasses high and wide, To Canada’s smokey maple brown ale pride.

O Canada, we raise our voice in cheer, For this beloved brew that’s held so dear. With maple sweetness and a smoky hue, We toast to you, our Canadian brew.

Malts: Pale, Ale, Manuka Smoked Malt, Gladiator, Munich, Eclipse Wheat, Dark Crystal

Hops: Magnum, Cascade

Yeast: Safale US-05

Ingredients: Maple Syrup

Alc: 6.7%