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Señor Tickle

Sure he’s a ‘handsy’ fella, but exactly what the kitchen ordered. Titillating and tantalising, this is a brew conceptualised by our head Chef at MASA Adelaide. We agree - it’s the perfect combination with a taco in the other hand. With a gentle bead, this throat tickler is a crisp and clean corn lager that boasts a lemon-lime margarita bouquet thanks to the New Zealand hops. And despite how hard they normally are to get your hands on, we’ve sourced some local yuzu from the Riverland to give it that final flirtation. Locally made, but a fusion of cultures – this is sure to take you back to where you’d rather be.

Finer Details:

Style: Cerveza

ABV: 4%

Hops: Magnum, Motueka

Malt: Coopers Ale, Coopers Pale, Flaked Maize, Sour Grapes, Munich

Yeast: Saflager W-34/70

Other: Yuzu

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