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Daddies Brown Ale

Introducing "Daddies Brown Ale". Getting on the sauce has never been so literal.This English Brown Ale takes us back to drowning a few on a grey London day with a bacon butty in the other hand.

But this is not just any OK sauce, or some mass-produced vinegary HP. C’mon, ketchup, we’re better than that. Rather, it’s a smooth and subtle brown ale, with heaps of savoury malt, molasses, and nutty flavours, and a dry and refreshing finish. Daddies would approve. Relish this.

Finer Details:

Style: English Brown Ale

ABV: 5.6%

Hops: Magnum, East Kent Goldings

Malt: Coopers Pale, Coopers Ale, Carapils, Munich, Eclipse Wheat, Dark Crystal

Yeast: Safale US-05

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