Vin Weasel American Pale Ale

You’ve had your fill of Space Snake, now Pop goes the Weasel. Vin Weasel. There’s nothing winey or
ferrety about this though. Featuring a clean profile, with a well-rounded body (we promise we’re still
talking about the beer), this XXX star of an APA has been generous hop additions showcase tropical juice with splashes of piney spice, and lingering clean citrus. Strong, but not as strong as family. This
won’t be the lesser-known of two weasels’ for too long – drink this (responsibly) fast and furious.

Malts: Coopers Pale, Coopers Ale, Biscuit Malt, Sour Grapes

Hops: Magnum, Chinook, Galaxy

Yeast: SafAle US-05

Alc: 5.9%