Sneans Weather Hazy Session

Stripes, curves, diamond, checkerboard… lawn mowing isn’t merely a chore, it’s an artistic expression, even a way of life. We’ve done our best to help you avoid some of the minefields out there (apart from the ones your dog kindly donates); ’Snean Weather’ is a sessionable hazy pale, designed to be the perfect mowing companion this Summer. The combination of juicy body, dry finish and tropical fruit presence make this the perfect beer to sip while on the go, watching it grow or just taking it slow. Using a unique blend of American & Australian hops, there are nice hints of citrus & passionfruit throughout first sip to last. So lace up those New Balances and as always; mow dry, mow high & mow sharp.


Malts: Pale, Wheat, Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat

Hops: Citra, Vic Secret, Idaho 7

Yeast: Bluestone BSY-A011 New England

Alc: 8.4%