Rye Of Newt Imperial Belgian Red Rye Ale

Ermagourd… it’s October, hallow-queens and pun-kings. And witch, please – we know you ghouls just want to have fun, so what better an excuse than to celebrate with some brewing wizardry. But without starting the battle of the hexes, let’s not forget where all of this started (we do love to spell some tea)… The original master brewers were actually alewives! And not pointing any long fingers, but they were scorned with a wicked witchy smear campaign, and ultimately lost their stake. Double toil and trouble. So we’re summoning you (in costume) to gather round the cauldron and sample this one in honour of the true (witch)craft brewers.
This big bold Belgian style imperial red rye ale is anything but a traditional concoction; Turkish delight malted rye and dark Belgian candi syrup add spicy toffee notes, while the yeast brings some Belgian-style clove flavours without dominating the palate. We even added some bloody beetroots, which worked like a charm, as this has a deep ruby-hue. And besides some toe of frog, the only hops we’ve added are some golden ones to round out the finish. We think it’s the black cat’s pyjamas.

Malts: Golden Promise, Turkish Delight Rye Malt, Yeast: LalBrew Belle Saison

Hops: Magnum, East Kent Goldings

Alc: 10.6%