Cucamelon Crush Gose

One 30 degree day… That was all it took for us to start yearning for the warmer months. And even though we were plunged back into the cold, wet, woolly winter days, we’ve held onto it tightly.

Amid much melon-choly and totally losing our rinds dreaming of yonder beachy days, we thought we’d whip something up to get you all in the mood.

This here is a salty sour gose base jam packed with crunchy, fresh watermelon and cucumber juices, to give it that fresh summer cocktail vibe. Think watermelon mojitos and cool-as-a-cucumber-filled GNTs at the beach with your toes in the sand.

Nice and light so you won’t get too seedy, it’s not too big or boujee (like its namesake), but still sure to be a crowd favourite. Rather, we think it’s kind of a big dill. Get around it, and tip plenty of this in your melon.

Malts: American Ale, Coopers Pale, Joe White Wheat, Sour Grapes, Munich

Hops: Idaho, Magnum

Yeast: Philly Sour, US-05

Ingredients: Cucumber, Watermelon

Alc: 4.4%