Cake My Day III: Pool Party Imperial Birthday Cake Stout

Bowden Brewing’s 3rd Annual Imperial Birthday Cake Stout. Voted by the people, this beer is inspired by the iconic Women’s Weekly Swimming Pool Cake. It’s a triple-layered treat of chocolate, vanilla and biscuit with a zesty lime jelly twist.

Imagine doing a backstroke through cocoa waves, cannonballing into a vanilla foam on a bed of lime jelly pool noodles.


Malts: Pale, Victory, Dark Crystal, Munich, Brown, Flaked Oats, Shepherds Delight, Toffee, Supernova, Red Back, Roast Barley

Hops: East Kent Goldings

Yeast: Fevero English Ale II

Ingredients: Cacao, Vanilla Beans, Lime Zest, Chocolate Finger Biscuits

Alc: 11%