All Things Nice Hot Cross Brown Ale

Easter is always heartily busy, especially when you make the best hot cross buns in town! So, without egging you all on, we’ve stepped-in help our friends at Lost Loaf out by rolling out a liquid alternative

We haven’t gone hopping mad with this one – this here is an English-style brown ale, that lets the malt base shine with a subtle spice and dried fruit aroma layered on top.

We’d love to say it’s choc-full, but we think that’s sacrilege. Instead, this has plenty of those booze-soaked fruit characters, and a healthy boozy kick to boot. Guaranteed to get you through the long weekend, including having to dress up as some evil bunny to hide eggs for the cousins you see only twice a year. We got you, fam.


Malts: Ale, Munich, Blackforrest Rye, Redback, Crystal, Oats, Eclipse Wheat

Hops: East Kent Goldings

Yeast: London Ale III

Ingredients: Dried Figs, Apricots, , Sultanas, Cinnamon, Mixed Spice

Alc: 6.7%