Kiwi Sour

While we may not agree on a lot (like whether this belongs on top of our wondrous Aussie invention,
the Pav) this one gives us the fuzzy feelings for our cuzzy bros across the ditch. Not so sweet as – this
is dry, crisp, and a bright(-er than you’d expect) kettle-soured base – this is made tart and juicy with
generous additions from the fruit of our neighbours’ labour. They may look a little odd and be hairier
and seedier than you expect (the fruit, not the people), but on the inside they’re true-blue green and
gold. Choice.

Malts: Light Lager, Wheat Malt, Flaked rice, Sour grapes

Hops: Motueka

Yeast: SafSour LP 652, Safale US-05

Ingredients: Kiwi Puree

Alc: 4.7%